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L&D Cares

Michelle is proud to be a founding member and active Director in L&D Cares

Community-Focused Support for Talent Development Professionals

In a matter of just a few months the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed our world. The virus spread to all corners of the globe and affected the health and well-being of millions. Economies have been disrupted and many industries are suffering job losses in numbers not seen in over a decade. We started L&D Cares to provide outreach to Talent Development professionals to provide learning, support, and growth opportunities for them to thrive. We now have over 1,000 active members that come together to collaborate, communicate, and share with each other. Please join us!

Who Are We?

We’re a growing network of talent development professionals dedicated to providing learning, support, and growth opportunities for those in our industry in need of assistance. We’re your industry colleagues, partners, friends, and volunteers. We have come together to help each other. We are L&D Cares.

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