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Michelle has extensive background in English and Technical Writing, as well as experience editing software manuals, medical proposals, scientific grant requests, and other technical documents. Some clients include the following: 

  • Brystin scientific proposals

  • ATD Press book, "Learning in the Age of Immediacy"

  • ATD Press book, "L&D Playbook for the Digital Age" 

Write Technology can conduct any level of edit on your documentation, including

  • Proofreading: Proofreading is when an editor reviews your document for basic grammatical errors and spelling errors. Proofreading is not an in-depth edit and does not call for anything beyond minor revisions.

  • In-depth Edit: An in-depth edit involves an extensive line-by-line review of your document, as well as review of your document "as a whole." In an in-depth edit, Michelle will suggest revisions/deletions/additions of sentences or paragraphs that will enhance your document, making it more concise and grammatically correct. She will review the document as a whole to ensure you are making the point you intend without redundancy.

For any level of edit for which an electronic document was provided, Write Technology will return to you an electronic document with suggestions only. You will be able to accept and reject these suggestions via the document, ensuring you do not make any changes with which you disagree and easing the process of inputting changes. 

While the entire process can be conducted electronically, Michelle will meet you in as many video discussions as necessary in order to fully explain any suggested changes or conduct read-throughs.

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