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Virtual Event & Training Services

Polished Instructional Design and Delivery Coaching

Virtual Design

Your online training (VILT) needs to be more than a PowerPoint presentation. It needs to be an engaging, online experience for your learners. I have extensive experience designing for a virtual environment. Your training and delivery needs to be polished to be effective. I can help you with the following: 

  • Designing your VILT

  • Coaching your instructional designers ​

Concierge Coaching

Having some trouble with your virtuaI platform? I can help you with Concierge Coaching. We'll go through all the tips and tricks that make for a great virtual meeting or event. 

Training & Event Facilitation

Virtual Delivery

Delivering VILT is different than delivering in a classroom environment. A facilitator isn't able to make eye contact or even with video, unable to see everyone's faces. Questions often happen in chat and sometimes there are technology failures. An effective facilitator knows how to handle all of this and more. VILT facilitators are engaged in the content, and use voice, facial expressions, and online tools to engage their participants. My services include

  • Coaching your speakers/trainers on polished delivery

  • Delivering your training 

  • Emceeing your event

Training & Event Producing

Virtual Production

An effective presentation not only relies on the facilitator, but also the producer. Often, the need for a producer is overlooked. However, the producer is a key part of polished virtual deliver. The producer handles all of the technology, letting the facilitator focus on the content. As a producer, I will

  • Run practice sessions with speakers/facilitators

  • Teach your participants how to use the online features

  • Monitor and interact in the chat

  • Handle technical difficulties

  • Create polls, breakout rooms, whiteboards, and other engagement tools

Virtual Design
Concierge Coaching
Virtual Delivery
Virtual Producing
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