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Meet Michelle


Michelle Lentz

I'm a strategic and highly accomplished virtual event coordinator and technical writer, experienced in learning strategy modernization and technology implementation for domestic and global companies.

I have a degree in English, with an emphasis in Technical Writing. I have been writing technical content for 20+ years.  

I also have a passion for virtual instructor-led training and event production. Several of my career achievements in this area include:  ​

  • Certification in Virtual Live training (Synchronous Facilitation) and extensive experience with WebEx, Zoom, Blue Jeans, and Remo.

  • Producing large conferences, including the L&D Cares Career Growth Summit (3 days) and The Learning & Development Conference (2 months). 

  • Hosting HR Learning sessions monthly via Zoom or Webex to introduce corporate employees to new innovations and tools within HR.

  • Leading global new hire training via virtual live platform for 100-500 new hires on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Modernizing the training approaches at a 100+ year old company.

  • Certification in 360 Feedback Facilitation, providing coaching to level 1 Managers and above based on feedback from peers, direct reports, and supervisors.

Download Michelle's CV 

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