Instructor-Led Training

Write Technology believes in the value of training for any size company. Training helps employees feel confidence in their jobs and increases productivity, which in turn gives you a positive return on your training investment.

While different types of training are coming to the forefront, due to new technology available for delivery, there are some situations in which face-to-face, instructor-led training is still the best method of delivery.

Write Technology will develop a training course for your company, following a strict instructional design process. We will then deliver the course, in a train-the-trainer session, ensuring competent trainers capable of delivering effective instructor-led training.

Deliverables include the train-the-trainer session, as well as all electronic files for the train-the-trainer session and for further end user training.

Write Technology also advocates follow-up, informal learning through the use of collaborative tools such as blogs and wikis. These tools help your employees continue discussion and learning, well after the instructor-led session is complete. We can help you set up and harness these tools to best capture the informal learning process.