A while back, I did a blog post on using images, legally from Flickr and understanding Creative Commons. The blog post was a hit, and inspired me to submit a proposal to ASTD TechKnowledge on the same thing.

The proposal, Cool Tools: Spice Up Your Training with Free Web 2.0 Tools, was accepted and I'll be presenting it at the end of the month in Las Vegas.The presentation is a 70 minute concurrent session.

I bring this up because the first time I always like to have a practice run of sorts. So if you're semi-local to Cincinnati, and your group or office would be interested in having a free session on this before the end of the month, let me know!  The presentation could quickly and easily be changed to Using Free Web 2.0 Tools Legally.

The presentation focuses on understanding what is free on the Internet and what is not – and what the rules are. I talk about more than Flickr. The presentation is currently geared towards ASTD's core audience of trainers, but can be changed.

Creative Commons and Copyright
Searching for CC-Licensed Media

Using Flickr Advanced Search
Licensing Your Own Flickr Photos
Alternative Flickr Searches
Alternative Free Photo Options

Video and Audio

Legal Podcasting


Open Source
Learning Management Systems

Basic Free Tools

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, this class has been postponed as of 11/11/08.


Well, it’s official. Write Technology (that’s me) is offering a class on The Art of Blogging


Here’s the thing – there are a lot of people out there who have blogs, but they don’t know how to really use them.  You see, there’s a lot that goes into writing a blog. You need to know who your audience is, understand what they want, and find your own unique blogging style. This 4-hour seminar focuses on just that – content creation and everything that goes with it. The course is geared towards business blogging, both large and small, but anyone is welcome to attend.

We don’t just talk at you; the class is an engaging discussion to help you improve your blog.

1. What is a blog?
this portion of the class, we’ll define blogging, understanding what
makes blogs different from your average web site. We’ll discuss what
blogs you enjoy, and why. What makes you participate? We’ll talk about
the ROI of corporate blogging and review some successful corporate
2. Blogging Goals
At this point, we’ll
define goals for your blog. There are a few goals you should always
have. What else do you want to get from your blog? What are your ideas
for reaching these goals?
3. Blogging Voice
this section, we’ll define and understand your audience and your style.
What does your audience want to hear? How do they want to hear it?
We’ll work to understand subtle marketing on a blog and developing your
conversational style. We’ll also dive into sharing opinions on blogs,
and whether you want to share them with your readers.
4. Content
most important thing on a blog is content. We’ll talk about where to
find it and how much to research. We’ll discuss consistency, quantity,
and quality. Curious as to where to find images that you can legally
use on your blog? We’ll cover that too. Finally, we’ll review how to
deal with proprietary information and blogging about your company.
5. Blogging Etiquette
cover the 10 Commandments of Blogging, as well as other tips and
tricks, including page breaks, linkbacks, internal links, corrections,
and citations. We’ll also talk about comment moderation and dealing
with negative commenters and criticism.
6. Quick Tips for Growing Your Blog with New Media
finish the day with the phenomenon of talking to yourself, etiquette
for commenting on other blogs, understanding tagging, and some basic
SEO principles. We’ll also cover RSS feeds in more detail.


new comfort level and knowledge for maintaining your blog, participant
guide, access to a private class-only wiki for on-going discussion.

Cost & Payment:
course, regularly $199, is being offered at the introductory rate of
$179 through November 1. The rate returns to $199 on November 2, so
sign up soon!

Credit card accepted via Paypal. To pay with a check by mail or at the door, please contact events@write-tech.com.
Credit cards will not be accepted day-of.

Download a course outline.

November 18, 8 am – noon

Hamilton County Business Center
1776 Mentor Avenue
Suite 160
Cincinnati, OH 45212

How much?
The cost is $179 through November 1. After that, the price goes up to $199.
You can register online and pay via Paypal. Alternatively, you can contact me and we’ll arrange payment via cash or check. Credit card payments will not be accepted day-of and you must be pre-registered.

Anything else?
Make sure you tell your friends and colleagues. I’d love to see everyone there!


Find Michelle Lentz here on Write Technology, on Twitter, Pownce, and FriendFeed.
You can also catch Michelle presenting on Twitter at the upcoming DevLearn ’08 in San Jose.