Your right choice for outsourcing

Write Technology is based in Cincinnati, OH. We are available globally due to the technology of the “virtual office,” including email, telephone, WebEx, and other solutions.

What are the advantages of outsourcing to Write Technology?
  • Decreased Costs: Write Technology can save your company money in several ways:
    • – Virtual Office Environment: A virtual office means that your costs are cut in the areas of travel, equipment, and office space. While we visit your site as often as necessary to complete an accurate deliverable, the majority of work is completed at our office and you do not need to provide us with equipment or space.
    • – Equipment & Software: While we don’t claim ownership of every software product out there, we do have licenses to the industry-standard products in our field and are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware. Our ownership of software and hardware cuts down on your equipment costs.
  • Improved Return on Dollars Invested in Training & Documentation: With Write Technology, you are paying only for hours worked. Because you are paying less to Write Technology than to a salaried employee with benefits, you will see a return on your investment sooner.
  • Experience: Michelle Lentz, owner of Write Technology, has been working in her field for over 20 years. This means that you are getting the best possible skills and experience for your money. As owner of the company, Michelle will work personally with you to develop a strong client-provider relationship that you can trust.
  • Reduce Management Distractions: Because Write Technology will manage a project effectively from start to finish, management does not need to be distracted by “the contractor.” Write Technology has a goal of bringing in projects on time and under budget.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Outsourcing to Write Technology aligns you with our extensive contacts. Our contacts in training, documentation, automation, design, graphic arts, and marketing are willing to subcontract or contract with you as part of your agreement with Write Technology.