Plinky Helps Cure Blogger Writer’s Block

Jan 23, 2009

My personal blog pretty much lies dormant. With so many other blogs
to write for, I'm often at my wit's end. What on earth is left to write
about on this last little blog? Plinky has arrived to put an end to that.

Plinky is a microblogging service that intends to put an end to
blogger writer's block. Plinky offers a series of prompts – questions –
that you can answer. So far I've answered the equivalent of  "What was
your first job?" and "What do you wear when you get home from work?"

When you answer the question, you have the option to expand upon
your thoughts and even add an introduction. After you publish to
Plinky, you can still come back and edit your answer.

Like any good social network, you can follow others and people can
follow you. On Plinky, interacting with others is sort of like a
virtual brainstorming session, helping you to piggyback and learn from
the ideas of your friends.

When you've written your short Plink, you can publish it to Twitter, Facebook, or your blog.

Founder Jason Shellen told VentureBeat that he started Plinky to help fight blogger’s block. “After years of blogging, it turns out I’m that person.”

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  1. Web Laureate
    January 23rd, 2009 at 11:46 pm #

    i will definitely be one of those experimenting with plinky to see how well it helps with writers (bloggers) block. so far, it helped me with —

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