CityBeat Best of Cincinnati? Your Vote Counts

Jan 25, 2009

Vote for me

It's silly, and it probably doesn't matter much in the scheme of things, but I like to think my efforts over at my Wine Blog mean a little. 😉

can now vote for the City Beat Best of the City Awards. My wine blog, My Wine Education, is listed as potential best blog. I really wish they'd broken
it out into categories, but they didn't.

All you need to vote is an email address. Go to CityBeat's Best of Cincinnati page
and read the instructions. Once you get to the survey, you can vote on
your favorite liquor stores, wine shops, and restaurants, as well as
just about everything else. (Again, I wonder why they only have one
category for blogs.) It's a fun survey. You can fill out as much or as
little as you wish. The BLOG category is listed under PUBLIC EYE.

I think I'll win? Not in a million years. All my favorite blogs  – and
closest friends – are nominated too. The competition is stiff. But at
least I'm in the mix, yes? You have until March 1 to vote, so you know
I'll be mentioning this again.

I appreciate your vote for My Wine Education. Everyone knows, a blog is nothing without its readers.


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