Technical Upgrades

Dec 9, 2008

There's been a slight technical upgrade at my blog host, Typepad. You and I both reap the benefits.

are a lot of great back-end features that make my life as a blogger a
lot less hassle. But the commenting feature has changed as well, and
it's rather cool. You now have no reason not to come make comments!

are now threaded. This means you can reply to someone else's comment. I
can't tell you how fantastic that is! So if Ed says something that Jane
wants to respond to directly, she can.

The comment form has changed a bit as well.


different? Well, first off, your comment is amazingly important, so you
can write that first. URLs in your comment will be automatically
hyperlinked as well. Once you get your thoughts down, then you can
enter in all the fun information like your name, email (not displayed),
and your own URL. As usual, you'll still have to enter a CAPTCHA code
to post (anti-spam mechanism), but you will get a chance to preview
before posting.

Finally, you can optionally sign up for a free
Typepad Profile that will show your photo and previous comments as part
of your post. It's pretty cool, albeit not required.

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