CLASS POSTPONED; Bloggers are influencers

Nov 4, 2008

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this class has been postponed.


Does your business have a blog? Over 50% of US Internet users are
reading more than 133 million blogs, according to Technorati’s 2008
State of the Blogosphere. Most bloggers accept advertising and four out
of five post product reviews.  Bloggers aren’t just techies with an
online journal, they’re the newest breed of product influencer.  To
help you develop your own blog, Write Technology is offering The Art of
Blogging seminar on Nov 18, 8 a.m., at the Hamilton County Business
Center in Norwood.

You can register by calling 859.426.9748 or online at, where you can also download a course
outline. I’ve extended the introductory price of $179. You can also get $20 off the cost by entering code WRITETECH when you register.

Want to know more?
The most successful blogs are the ones with the best content. I believe that too many people focus on the numbers and trendiness of blogging and have forgotten about communicating with their readers.

In order to change this, I’m offering The Art of Blogging. The course concentrates on drawing readers in by providing great content. The four-hour seminar includes defining an audience, understanding your goals, finding your voice, exploring blog etiquette, measuring ROI, and more. Students will receive a participant guide and access to a private wiki, where they can continue to turn for guidance and discussion after the class has ended.

Readers want to know you’re more than a company angling for business. You can still promote your business through your blog, but do it by putting a human face on your content. This class doesn’t focus on the technology, but on the specific communication skills needed to create an engaging blog.

Your instructor has a clue …
A trainer and instructional designer for over a decade,I created Write Technology in 2003. I offer courses in Web 2.0 technologies and runs an award-winning wine blog., I’m also a contributing writer and professional blogger for Brian Solis’s Silicon Valley social economy blog,

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