DevLearn 2008

Aug 11, 2008

Both Tony and Clark have mentioned it, so it’s probably my turn. DevLearn 2008, sponsored by the eLearning Guild, is coming up in November.


I’ve never been to a Guild event, so I’m quite excited. I’ve heard great things about this conference. I was already impressed by the speaker selection process. The eLearning Guild takes it seriously. They don’t just review your proposal; they call you to talk about it. In my case, this led to a fantastic discussion on social media tools with Brent Schlenker, and I hope to re-meet Brent in person to continue the conversation. It’s not often I get to talk face to face with folks as passionate about social media in education as I am.

The Guild event boasts an impressive roster of speakers, including some of my favorite speakers (and people) such as Clark Quinn, Tony Karrer, and Lance Dublin. I’m also eager to hear Will Thalheimer, Judy Brown, Karen Hyder, and Mark Oehlert, among many others. These are people with whom I’ve crossed paths in the past, but haven’t had the chance to meet. I hope to change that this time around.

DevLearn is a bit more technical than a lot of eLearning conferences out there. If you usually don’t attend conerences because you’re easily bored, this might be the event for you. DevLearn is in San Jose, California (heart of the Silicon Valley), from November 12-14. Pre-conference workshops are on November 11 and the Adobe Learning Summit is November 10. Content partners include CompTIA, LETSI, and technical writing group WritersUA.

Who me? I’m talking about my favorite topic – Twitter. More specifically (or vaguely), I’ll be talking on Microblogging, which covers more than just my favorite tool.

I look forward to seeing you there. You’re going to head right over and register, right?


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  1. Brent Schlenker
    August 12th, 2008 at 11:48 am #

    Hi Michelle! I’ve enjoyed our conversations a lot and look forward to meeting you at DevLearn. Mark Oehlert and I are currently teaching 2.0 technologies in the collaborative learning workshop that is part of the eLearning Guild’s Summer Seminar Series. Tons of fun. Its even more fun to show people how linking and commenting works in real time. Thanks for the shout out!

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